The Renaissance foundation is a non-government organisation that works in Zamosc, Poland. Our region is placed in South-East Poland in the Lublin county. It’s called Roztocze and it’s a part of a bigger geographical region called Wyzyna Lubelska (The Lubelska Uplands). One of the characteristics of our region is numerous hills and valleys. It’s quite famous both in Poland and abroad for its beauty, nature and scenery. There are a lot of rivers and forests here and the nature in general is only slightly changed by human activity. This is why our region is so often visited by tourists from Poland and abroad.

The most important town in the region is Zamosc. Its population is about 60.000 people and it was founded in 1580. It was then that Jan Zamojski, one of the greatest figures in Polish history, was allowed by the king to grant this small settlement its civic rights. The founder of the town wanted to make it very unique, which he achieved by his decisions and actions. He employed a famous Italian architect, Bernardo Morando, to design the town. The architect turned the place into a wonderful renaissance town, which was also a fortress and an academy. The town has a very beautiful and interesting history which is really worth getting to know by visiting and sightseeing.

Thanks to its looks the town is called the Pearl of Renaissance. The OldTown is so unique that it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Our foundation’s name is connected to the history of Zamosc and the Renaissance time. Our main goal is to work with people and our actions are aimed at the poor, unemployed and disabled. We promote social economy and aim to help people from socially excluded groups. We cooperate with other similar organisations and institutions. We involve disabled people in dealing with our matters. We have organised international visits to promote our actions and start cooperation. We have visited Ukraine and Great Britain. We are ready to take on various actions, also internationally.